Black Ops 2 Zombies Cheats | +20 Trainer – Download


1) Give U Self a Weapon that u Choose [Now With All Upgrades]
2) Toggle GoD Mode [Fixed is now Real Godmode u can only die from ure nades but NOT from zoises (testet on wave 190)]
3) Toggle Unlimited Ammo [Primary/Secondary/Akimbo]
4) Toggle Unlimited Nades
5) Toggle No Reload [Primary/Secondary/Akimbo]
6) Set Money
7) Change Tactical Nades [EMP/Cymbal Monkey Switch]
8) Change Lethal Nades [Frag/Semtex Switch]
9) Change Knife [Riot Shield/Bowie Knife/Galvaknuckles/Balistic Knife Switch]
10) Give u INSTAND Special Tools:
[TranZit] JetGun,Electric Trap,Turret,Turbine,ZomBie Shield
[Die Rise] Tramper Steam
11) Pause Game
12) Stop ZomBie Spawn/Freeze ZomBies
13) Change Reload Speed*
14) Change Fire Rate**
15) Cahnge Game Speed
16) Change Game Gravity
17) Change KnockBack
18) Change BleedOut Time
19) Change meeleRange / meleeWidth / meleeHeight
20) Give Legit Health***

Black Ops 2 Zombies +20 Trainer

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